About The Menu

The menu is designed for sharing, the Lebanese way of eating

Although Lebanese bread comes out to every table, again the Lebanese way of eating, more than 80% of the menu is gluten free, and some dishes can be amended to be suitable.

No wonder we are well loved by our coeliac customers

From nibbles to small dishes, to larger dishes, they are all prepared in our kitchen on a dailybasis. We buy nothing ready-made, we make everything, and we taste everything.

A wide range of ingredients combined with a wide range of Middle Eastern spices and condiments, to produce some very traditional dishes and also some more innovative ones.

A lot to choose from, lamb, beef, pork and poultry have a great presence alongside some great vegetarian dishes. Vegetarians have a ball at our restaurant.

We also have two banquets to choose from that are ideal for large groups and celebration parties. Reasonably priced with tonnes of food from the menu, they are great value for money

What to drink?

Or, what not to drink, as the case may be….

Having created a wonderful bar area with our renovation, we are now stocking more wines than ever (We are still BYO, wine only)

Wines from all around Australia, a couple of sparkling, some NZ wines, some French and a couple of Lebanese, there is something for everyone. Very reasonably priced and available by the glass

Australian, American and Lebanese beers make their debut, as well as a Yarra Valley Cider.

Few cocktails developed, after a very tough few nights of tastings, with Middle Eastern flavours make an appearance next to some classics.

Amongst the soft drinks, our El Karim lemonade made with fresh lemons and orange blossom syrup is an all-time favourite and remains a feature on the drinks list

We use ORG coffee beans, which is the latest addition to the Piazza D’oro family

Silky smooth, and tastes better with our homemade desserts as well as the baklawa and Turkish delight, or preceded by a glass of our desserts wines